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  • Visit of Occidental Petroleum Corporation of Oman to RAY International Skills

    Date : 6 September 2015 Read More..
  • Director of In Country Value, Petroleum Development of Oman Visits RAY International

    Date : 27 May 2015 Read More..
  • Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL) Visits to RAY International Skills Development Training Facility at Halban

    Date : 11 August 2015 Read More..
  • ‘RAY International Skills are honored on Sunday 06 September, 2015 by the visit of Mr. Said Al Bulushi – Senior Vice President Occidental Petroleum Corporation and Mr. Krick Hobbis – Well Services Manager Occidental Petroleum Corporation. They had a comprehensive tour of the facility along with our Board of Directors Mr. Tameem Bin Saif Al Mahrouqi, Dr. Tahir Bin Ibrahim Al Kindi, Mr. Zakaria Aziz and Mr. Rashid Al Mahrouqi. Also, presented the training rig, wire line unit & welding training tha

    Date : 06 September 2015 Read More..
  • Getenergy VTEC MENA 2015

    Date : 7 December 2015 Read More..
  • Graduation of First Omanis 6G Welders by RAY Skills International Development

    Date : 01 February 2016 Read More..

    Read More..
  • Graduation for First Batch Assistant Driller Program by RAY INTERNATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT

    Date : 07 April 2016 Read More..
  • First Batch of 6G Welders

    Date : 07 August, 2016 Read More..
  • NEBOSH IGC courses at RAY International Skills Development

    Read More..
  • Congratulations to RAY International Skills & Development for receiving Appreciation Certificate from Ministry of Health

    Date : 08 February 2017 Read More..
  • Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL) Visits to RAY International Skills Development Training Facility at Halban

    Date : 09 February 2017 Read More..
  • Petroleum Development Oman has won three Shell Upstream International Impact 2016 Awards

    Date : 09 February 2017 Read More..
  • Congratulations to RAY International Skills Development on First Omani 6G Welding Student for the Under Water Welding

    Date : 09 February 2017 Read More..
  • GENERAL HSE Schedule for RAY International Skills Development

    Date : 26 February 2017 Read More..
  • Participation of RAY International Skills Development in the Caledonian 19th Careers Fair for Students

    Date : 23 March, 2017 Read More..
  • RAY International Skills Development HSE April Courses

    Date : 29 March 2017 Read More..
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I certainly believe that things have changed tremendously since the last two decades. Economic globalization, fierce competition between organizations and the desire for a strong position in the market have changed the routine style of running many businesses.

Pursuing the latest technology developments or having sufficient fund is not enough to enter into the global market and survive. The improvements in the performance are measured with a new set of quality standards. The growth and the development of an organization strongly depend on the knowledge, skills and qualifications of the workforce.We have transitioned from the industrial age to the knowledge age.

Therefore many organizations and companies are forced to adapt new strategies in the human resources and organization development. The roles of the training are to support the organizations to achieve the goal.

At RAY International Skills Development, we always look to the future with flexible, innovative ideas to make a mark and scintillate in this sophisticated world. We strive to challenge the limitations of imagination to be the best in the industry.

Be assured that you can build your future by applying the right logic.

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