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  • The Sultan Qaboos University Interns felicitation meeting for successfully completing the internship program . The meeting was led by respected RAY Chairman Dr.Tahir Bin Ibrahim Al Kindi and held at our office today morning.

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  • The Best Contractor in the year 2015

    Date : 09 May 2016 Read More..
  • Congratulations to RAY Eco Logic received an Award from Nizwa Club

    Date : 26 May 2016 Read More..
  • Congratulations to RAY Ecologic for receiving Director Award

    Date : 17 July, 2016 Read More..
  • Oman Green Awards

    Date : 17 July 2016 Read More..
  • Oman Green Awards

    Date : 17 July, 2016 Read More..
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Human development is a “double edge sword”, it brings comfort, security and health. At the same time, it can carry inequality and irreparable damages to the environment. As part of the global community, each of us has a responsibility towards our home, earth and towards all the living organisms that share the same planet with us. We cannot afford to live in an anthropocentric universe and continue to disrupt and disturb our ecosystems around the world.

Rukun Al Yamaani Environmental Services LLC is the answer provided by RAY International Group to deal with all the industrial environmental related issues. With the slogan of “Innovative always” RAY International introduces to the Omani and international markets an environmental engineering approach to the booming industry in Oman and particulary to the Oil & Gas sector.

Following international standards and maintaining high quality in services and products Rukun Al Yamaani brings new technologies to deal with industrial problems like air emissions, wastewater treatment, waste management, hazardous waste management and others. Rukun Al Yamaani also brings new ideas on the fields of alternative energies and sustainability.

Working in partnership with the Omani industrial sector, the academic base of the Omani Universities and the Omani Government Agencies, Rukun al Yamaani intends to provide cutting edge services and environmental solutions and at the same time start an R&D portfolio that will bring to the international market Omani developed products and services.

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